Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari Mentorship Program

Dear Colleagues,

It was under the auspices of Dr Sanjiv Kandhari, a renowned dermatologist that "Aesthetics" was born in 2010. The vision was to merge boundaries between plastic surgery and dermatology with national and international faculty in order to learn from each other and provide better patient outcomes.

In the 10th year of AESTHETICS we take this vision a step forward and announce 2 International Fellowships under leaders of Dermatosurgery and Aesthetics to give a more global exposure to young dermatogists and plastic surgeons to broaden their horizons from the workshop to the clinic.

The mentorship involves:

  1. One week of observership under International Mentors in the field of Dermatosurgery with Dr. Eckart Haneke and Aesthetics with Dr. Giovanni Salti.
  2. Travel and accommodation will be provided.

Kindly refer to the criteria below for application.

  1. Candidate must be registered for the conference.
  2. Application can made either for Dermatosurgery or AESTHETICS Mentorship
  3. Candidate must be < 40 years of age at the time of application
  4. Candidate must have a post graduate degree equivalent of an MD/ /DNB/Mch. in their respective field.
  5. The application should be sent along with the registration proof of the conference.

The scholarships recipients will be decided purely on the basis of "merit" as per a point system of their resume.

The scholarships will be announced during the AESTHETICS 2019 conference.

Kindly fill in the application form and send to aesthetics2019delhi@gmail.com

Along with the form, kindly send the following

1. Kindly attach your resume and include:

a. Presentations at conferences – oral / poster

  • Oral presentation will hold more weightage
  • Only presentations at national/international/zonal/state level conferences will be considered – KINDLY DO NOT INCLUDE PHARMACEUTICAL SPONSORED Presentations/CME's.

b. Publications

  • In peer reviewed indexed journals will hold more weightage
  • Kindly give proper citation of the articles
  • Chapters/editors in books give details

c. Awards/ Scholarships (state/zonal/national/international) give details

2. Kindly in brief write why you should be given this opportunity and what is your motivation for receiving this mentorship – (Not more than 250 words)

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