Pre Conference Parallel Workshops

(Please choose only two workshops)

Course Fee for each Workshop Rs.6000/-

Date :9th August 2019 / Time : 09.00 AM to 1.00 PM & 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

1. Workshop on Vitiligo Surgery
Faculty : Dr. Seemal Desai, Dr. Somesh Gupta

The Vitiligo Surgery Workshop intends to discuss patient selection, available methods and their procedural details and effectiveness studies on surgical management of vitiligo. The current focus is on cell-based therapies with mainstay of surgical treatment being “non-cultured epidermal cell suspension” transplantation. Over the years the method of non-cultured epidermal cell suspension has been simplified and now it is being done as an OPD procedure with no laboratory support. Globally renowned experts will be discussing on this. The workshop speakers are expected to encourage interactive session. The workshop will include both lectures and video.

2. Workshop on Acne Scar Management
Faculty : Dr. Doris Maria Hexsel, Dr. Niti Khunger

- Introduction and basic terminology
- Tackling atrophic scars by combination treatments
- How best to treat hypertrophic scars
- Live demos, Videos and hands-on workshop
- Subcision
- CROSS technique
- Microneedling
- Punch elevation techniques
- Lasers - fractional, ablative, nonablative
- Tips and tricks from the masters
- Q & A Interactive session

3. Workshop on Chemical Peel
Faculty : Dr. Peter Rullan, Dr. Rashmi Sarkar

- The Value of Peels in Aesthetic Practice
- Next Generation Peels
- A, B, C of Peeling Technique
- Complication - How to Avoid them, How to Deal with them, Advice Tips and Pearls
- Live Demonstrations and Hands on Training in Chemical Peels
- Types of Peels and their Indications
- Non Facial Peels
- Patient Selection and Preparation

4. Workshop on Basic Fillers
Faculty : Dr. Giovanni Salti, Dr. Priti Shukla

- A basic guidelines for hyaluronic fillers
- Building blocks to easy injection techniques and a comprehensive approach to facial aesthetics and right patient selection

5. Workshop on Advanced Indications of Fillers
Faculty : Dr. Patrick Trevidic, Dr. Malavika Kohli

- Mastering the art of facial sculpting with fillers. Learn all the advance indications to glamorise the Indian faces. Projections and profiloplasties to enhance your results. How to combine procedures all in one go for an advanced injector.

6. Workshop on Invisible Face Lifting
Faculty : Dr. Paola Rosalba Russo, Dr. Piyali Chatterjee

An experienced overview to tackle gravity induced sags and rejuvenation techniques from the global experts. An observational cum hands on workshop on newer techniques in non-surgical face lifting without scars. Learn how to weave thread lifting into your practice.

- Analyzing The Aging Face
- Technique of Jowl & Neck Lifting
- What-Where-When-How To Combine
- Thread Lifting & Volumizing Naturally
- Nerve Blocks
- Interaction With The Faculty

7. Workshop on Basic Botulinum Toxin
Faculty : Dr. Martin N. Zaiac, Dr. Latika Arya

- Just jump in it's a drug which makes you an aesthetic physician. Learn about dosage dilutions and basic indications and techniques of botulinum toxin.

8. Workshop on Advanced Botulinum Toxin
Faculty : Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi, Dr. Rajat Kandhari

- Update and upgrade your skills in the miracle called botulinum toxin. We will be covering all the advance indicators of botulinum toxin and dosages. Tips to prevent complications and the precise site for injection

9. Workshop on Laser
Faculty : Dr. Mario A. Trelles, Dr. Anil Ganjoo

- Overview of laser physics and application
- What to buy and how to use?
- Results, tips and mistakes in LHR, Pigmented Laser, Resurfacing Laser
- Patient selection and preparation
- Questions and answers panel

10. Workshop on Microneedling

- Why micro-needling is a non-negotiable for any modern practice
- Why automated micro-needling is superior to subcision, rollers and stamps - particularly for the Indian market

Hands on & Master Classes

(Same Classes will be Repeated on Both the Days)

Course Fee for each Course
Rs. 4000/-

Date : 10th & 11th August 2019

1. Tips on Tattooing : from art to active drugs
Faculty :
Dr. Carlos G. Wambier

We all want to learn new mechanisms of drug delivery which is safe effective and direct especially in skin disorders. Tatto machines being used medically by innovative Masters.

2. Tips & Tricks on the Management of Hyper pigmentation
Faculty : Dr. Eduardo Krulig, Dr. Hema Pant

Hyper Pigmentation - Easy to diagnose but difficult to treat. A detailed session on how to treat difficult cases of Hyper Pigmentation. You will benefit immensely from this round table discussion and learn to combine various therapies to achieve maximum results.

3. Tips on Nutrition for glowing skin
Faculty : Prof. Nino Carlo Battistini

We all know the glow is not from the serums or masks it is the internal health which reflects the glow so brush up your skills in nutrition for a vibrant glowing skin.

4. Tips on Facial Anatomy and its clinical application
Faculty : Dr. Malavika Kohli

Learn how to avoid complications and achieve great results by better understanding of facial anatomy in fillers, toxins and threads.

5. Tips on Management of Hyperandrogenism
Faculty : Dr. Sannjiv Kandhari

A comprehensive session on management of Androgenetic disorders the right way. Master the art of managing PCOS and hormonal acne and hair loss. Benefit from one to one discussions and clear your doubts.

6. Hands on Suturing Course
Faculty : Dr. Anant Kulkarni

This 3 hours program will help to enhance the skills of healthcare professional in all closure technique with help of sutures. All the suturing and knot tying techniques will be covered. The healthcare professional can work on the knot-ometer machine to know strength of the knot they have done.

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